Centre for Advancing Responsible & Ethical Artificial Intelligence
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The Centre for Advancing Responsible and Ethical Artificial Intelligence (CARE-AI) at the University of Guelph (U of G) integrates ethics, governance and social responsibility with technical leadership. Our researchers span from faculty across all Colleges on U of G’s campus – working in one or more of the three core pillars: AI methodologies; AI applications; and AI responsibility.

CARE-AI’s mission is to advance multidisciplinary AI training and research, and its responsible application to foster economic growth and improve life. CARE-AI expands our research community’s expertise and fosters a network of over 90 researchers and scholars from across campus, as well as an external advisory board of thought leaders. Our researchers apply AI and machine learning to U of G strengths, including human and animal health, environmental sciences, agriculture, agri-food, business, insurance and the bio-economy. We also develop methodologies, including learning algorithms, human-computer interfaces, data analytics, sensors and robotics while ensuring that these new platforms are safe and benefit humanity. Researchers at CARE-AI work collaboratively with inter-disciplinary departments, industry partners as well as other institutions to support CARE-AI’s ecosystem.

Our CARE-AI SEED Fund includes AI Inspire Grants and AI Innovation Grants.


  • AI Inspire Grants support workshops, events, hackathons or seminars that bring thought leaders in AI methodology, AI applications and/or AI responsibility to U of G. CARE-AI can assist in raising visibility and awareness of the initiative by circulating it through the CARE-AI community.


  • AI Innovation Grants support the formation of interdisciplinary research collaborations that have the potential to achieve recognition on the national or international stage. These grants are intended to spearhead new research initiatives by helping to fund the development of a prototype, feasibility study or research sprint. Leveraging other sources of funding is encouraged.


Interested in applying? 

Contact care-ai@uoguelph.ca for further details on eligibility and the grant application and reporting processes.

Seeking Collaboration? Email Kevin.matsui@uoguelph.ca if you have an idea that you want to explore with AI/ML or if you have AI/ML capacity and are looking for a problem/application area

2023 Seed Fund Call

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